What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which there is too much sugar, also known as glucose, in the blood. This gives rise to the name ”diabetes”. Diabetes can have major consequences for the body and certainly for the feet. It is of great importance that people with diabetes wear good footwear and treat their feet with great care. This to prevent wounds. With these diabetes work shoes you are taking a step in the right direction! In this article ProtectXXL tells you all about wearing the right work shoes in relation to diabetes.

Diabetes foot

A quarter of the people who live with diabetes sooner or later get foot problems. Foot problems often occur in people who have had diabetes for a longer period of time. Causes that can arise in the long term are for example the damage to the nerves, this is also called neuropathy. The result can be that the feeling in the feet decreases or even disappears. Because of a diminished feeling in the feet, wounds can go unnoticed, these often harmless looking wounds can develop into serious wounds and/or calluses. So very annoying!

Diabetes safety shoes

The ELTEN TRIBUTE BLACK LOW ESD S2 is among other things made of a top material without seams. This makes these work shoes fit better with the natural shape of the foot. Because the shoe has no seams on the inside, the risk of wounds decreases. Stitching seams on the inside of the shoe often cause pressure points, especially when the foot is fairly wide. Pressure points due to seams can cause wounds in the long run and as you may know this can cause problems. A wound on the foot of a diabetic patient takes longer to heal than a foot of someone without diabetes. This is because the vessels are often worse with diabetes. By wearing this shoe you reduce the risk of wounds considerably. Besides the seamless shaft of the shoe, this shoe is also very suitable for people with a leather allergy. The shoe has a top material of Cordura, a very strong material. The breathable textile inner lining ensures that you sweat less. Furthermore, this shoe has a TPU/PU running sole. The running sole ensures that you experience enough cushioning, but also offers a high form of slip resistance.

Elten Dialution; the problem solver

The new shoe of Elten can best be summarized as a true problem solver. The so called Elten Dialution is a shoe with inventive additives that makes the shoe suitable for multiple problems. The problems that can be overcome with this shoe include: diabetic feet, hallux valgus, extremely wide feet, a high instep and hammer toes.

Natural deformities, wrong footwear, accidents or birth defects are often causes for these complaints. Often one does not wear suitable footwear and this can lead to more complaints. Deformation of the toes can lead to pressure points, blisters and friction resulting in unpleasant wearing comfort.

In what problems can it be deployed?

The Dialution can be used for various problems. Problems such as: diabetic feet, hallux valgus, sea stone feet, hammer toes or an extremely high instep can be overcome with these unique work shoes. Because the shoe has an extremely wide entrance, everyone can easily put on the shoe. The inner shoe of the Dialution consists of multiple layers of textile and contains a membrane. The membrane absorbs wound secretion and does not give off in the inner shoe. The inner shoe is white so that wounds can be detected quickly. The inner shoe is also washable up to 60degrees. The insole prevents injuries and accelerates the healing process for existing wounds. The insoles are individually adjustable, prevent pressure points and have a barrier that protects against the penetration of bacteria. The insole is coarsely profiled and has stabilizing support in the midfoot area. The sole is equipped with both a plastic toecap and a plastic midsole, making the shoe completely leather and metal free.

Product video ELTEN Dialution LOW ESD S3