Ladies are not forgotten: ladies safety shoe

If, as a woman, you are required to wear work shoes during your work, you will undoubtedly have spent a long time looking for the right shoe. It is a fact that in practice the sale of work shoes is mainly aimed at men. In that respect, the proportion of women in high-risk professions is still underestimated. But if you are looking for a women’s safety shoe today, you will see that the choice is getting bigger and bigger. This does not detract from the safety of the shoe, but you are assured of a shoe that is comfortable to wear and beautifully designed.

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Ladies safety shoes in all safety classes

Like the men’s safety shoes, the women’s safety shoes meet all safety requirements. The shoes are also divided into safety classes. Ladies safety shoes of class S1 are equipped with a safety toe cap and a shock-absorbing heel. This is also the case with the shoes that fall into class S2. These shoes are also completely waterproof. Would you like to buy the very best women’s safety shoes? Then choose shoes that fall under safety class S3. This shoe contains all the safety requirements that also have S1 and S2 shoes and a safety sole. This also allows you to walk safely through debris and sharp parts, without damaging the sole of your shoe.

For safety shoes ladies go to

Do you want to have enough choice in safety shoes ladies? Then go to In the webshop you will find a separate category for safety shoes ladies. Here you will find a range of different types of safety shoes that ladies also like. understands that you obviously value safety, but that design also counts. All shoes look fashionable and are lightweight. So you never wear shoes that are too heavy, so comfort is always guaranteed.