Do you suffer from hallux valgus?

The hallux valgus is a common problem where the big toe points in the direction of the other toes. Because the metatarsal that is just in front of the big toe faces outwards, you have a lump on the outside of your foot. Because of this lump, also called bunion, you experience a lot of trouble with your feet. The hallux valgus, or knuckle toe, can originate from a congenital defect in your foot. Other causes can be: The excessive sinking of your feet, wearing shoes with high heels or wearing a shoe that is too tight. Often a hallux valgus occurs in combination with a shorter Achilles tendon or a sagging foot. has a special selection of s afety shoes for hallux valgus. These hallux valgus work shoes are not so much specially made to reduce or remedy the complaint, but they are extremely suitable for this purpose.

Are you looking for safety shoes for hallux valgus?

If you suffer from this common complaint, it is extra important to wear good work shoes. To reduce the pain it is important to wear safety shoes for hallux valgus that are wider than a normal work shoe. Because the nose of your work shoe is wider, your big toe has more space and this will help to reduce the pain. Another important point is that at the height of your hallux valgus there are no seams in your work shoe. If you have a work shoe with a stitching seam at the knuckle toe, this stitching will ensure that your shoe does not stretch and the toe is pushed even more in the wrong direction.

The shoes below are in many cases suitable for a hallux valgus. If you have any doubts, you are always welcome in our showroom for a 3D foot scan. If you have any other questions, we can always be reached by phone during office hours.


Pijnlijke knobbel


Naar binnen wijzende grote teen


Pijn en of moeite bij het lopen

Common complaints are:

  1. A painful lump, the so-called bunion,
  2. One toe bent inwards,
  3. Pain on the sides of your big toe,
  4. Pain and/or trouble walking.

We at have searched for some safety shoes for hallux valgus that can reduce your complaints. Below you will find some work shoes that are suitable for a hallux valgus.