Heel spur?

Do you suffer from a fierce sharp pain under your foot (under your heel)? Do you have a lot of pain when walking or standing? Then it is possible that you suffer from heel spur. In the article below you can read all about heel spur complaints and how to deal with them. We will talk about work shoes for heel spur, insoles for heel spur and we will also explain how heel spur complaints occur. We will also introduce you to the best work shoes for heel spur.

What causes heel spur complaints?

Heel spur complaints occur due to temporary or prolonged overloading of the sole tendon. The attachment of the tendon to the heel bone is under tension and will subsequently irritate and/or inflame. This causes the sharp pain under your foot. Heel spurs complaints usually occur gradually, but sometimes they also occur suddenly, for example as a result of an injury.

There is a risk of an earlier overloading of the sole tendon of the foot:

  • in case of overweight,
  • when running on a hard surface,
  • when you have to stand for a long time,
  • if you take a long walk and are not used to walking,
  • for athletes who run or jump a lot (e.g. tennis or volleyball),
  • in case of a different foot type or a wrong walking pattern,
  • in case of a different foot type or a wrong walking pattern.

Safety shoes for heelspur?

Are you working in a company where work shoes are mandatory? Will you continue to suffer from heel spurs, probably due to overloading? Then a suitable work shoe that relieves the complaints is not a luxury! ProtectXXL has a collection of the ideal work shoes for heel spur. Heel spur is a very annoying complaint which makes it impossible for people to function properly on the work floor. The complaint is very common, which is why ProtectXXL has a number of solutions that alleviate heel spur complaints. Heel spur complaints only disappear in one way: take a rest. Unfortunately, this is not for everyone, the work will of course continue. An alternative is then damping. This makes the new Elten Wellmaxx series ideal for people with heel spur.

The shoes below are in many cases suitable for heel spur. Are you in doubt? You are also welcome in our showroom for a 3D foot scan. Don’t live near our showroom? We can always be reached by phone during office hours. You can also contact us via chat or e-mail. 

work shoes for heel spur

Painful spot in the heel


Troubles unwinding feet

How do I recognise heel spur?

Heel spur is often accompanied by a fierce, sharp pain under your feet. You feel it flat against your heel when you stand or walk on it. At rest the pain stops almost immediately.

The pain symptoms are there:

  • when standing and walking,
  • especially when getting up in the morning and after prolonged sitting,
  • at the start of a training session, for example when warming up,
  • sometimes when walking barefoot on a hard surface,
  • when you press on the sore spot under your heel,
  • at night, the pain can be nagging.