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Are you looking for high quality safety footwear and personal protective equipment?

It all starts with knowledge

ProtectXXL.nl is a webshop for business and private customers that offers safety footwear and personal protective equipment (PPE). Our philosophy differs from other webshops as it is our purpose to provide you with products that not only meet the highgest safety requirements, but also contribute to a comfortable working environment.

Experiencing physical complaints through your safety shoes?

Your feet are fundamental for a good posture. This is why it is very important to wear safety shoes that are comfortable and also fit well. Do you experience physical complaints during your work, such as backpain or kneepain? Chances are these are caused by a wrong safety shoe that creates a bad posture. The safety shoes we sell are thoroughly tested. We also wear them ourselves! This way we are able to be sure that the safety shoes match our standards. We know that all feet are different and our experience and knowledge helps us find the right safety shoes for you.

The advantages of ProtectXXL.nl

We see it as our duty to provide you with the right safety shoes and PPE, that fit well with your demands and safety requirements. Our customer care team is happy to assist you in your search through different channels. We make ordering and delivery easy.  It is possible to personalise your orders for your staff. You can view your order history in your account to make it easier to repeat your orders. You can contact us by phone, e-mail and chat. We also have a showroom where you are able to get a personal consult to find the right safety shoes and PPE.

It all starts with knowledge! 

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