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Complaints from work shoes?

Complaints due to work shoes

Do you experience daily annoyance during your work due to various physical complaints? Wearing a shoe that has been chosen with care can offer a solution. Complaints caused by work shoes is an item that unfortunately often comes up. Sweaty feet, a hallux valgus, hammer toes or, for example, a heel spur are common complaints. We at ProtectXXL.nl experience that many people suffer from foot problems, often in combination with work shoes. As ProtectXXL.nl’s expert staff have experience with all the shoes we offer, we know exactly what you need. It is important to us that the work shoes in our range are problem-solving. We will be happy to translate your problem into a solution for your complaints through work shoes.

Physical complaints

Wearing work shoes can cause problems or pain. Pain in your feet can hinder you in your daily activities. The saying “These are just work shoes” is a saying that we unfortunately hear a lot. Many people forget that they wear work shoes more often than they think. For example, you wear your work shoes during your 40-hour week. Compare this with the number of hours you wear your leisure shoes. In general, work shoes are worn many hours longer than casual shoes. After all, a working week can become unbearable if you have pain in your feet. The skilled employees of ProtectXXL.nl will try to help you as much as possible in your search for new work shoes. Especially when you experience complaints from work shoes, it is important to look for a well fitting alternative. 

What complaints do I experience because of my work shoes?

Several complaints can be alleviated by wearing good work shoes. It is important to know that complaints such as a hallux valgus do not disappear completely by wearing the right shoes. Carefully chosen work shoes can significantly reduce your complaints!

If you suffer from your feet, but do not know exactly what this pain could mean, take a look at our tool on this page. See if the pain points you have are similar to one or more pain points in our tool. These pain points refer you to our articles on the complaint. In these articles, in addition to information about the complaint, you can also find our findings, tips and recommendations!

Pain points

The pain points indicated in the footer above link to a page where you can find more information about the problem in question.

ProtectXXL.nl tries, in consultation with various podiatrists/therapists, to describe the various complaints as well as possible.

We consider it an honour to combine our knowledge and experience with the specialism of the real chiropodists/therapists. Because of this combination we are able to help you as much as possible. Knowledge is the basis, just like your feet.